Computer Science Geeks Rejoice!


As a computer science enthusiast, it has sometimes been hard for me to find other social, out going geeks that just want to kick back and debate data structures, algorithm designs in terms of time and space complexity, sorting techniques, bit manipulation, different types of languages, history of computing systems, and other technologies that mere mortals just don’t find interesting or sometimes have no idea existed!

It also seems like even though developers and computer science majors are typically the ones developing social gaming apps, there still weren’t any out there (that I’ve run into) that really sparked my interest and challenged me to compete with other tech geeks in a battle of computer wits.

Well yesterday I just happen to find exactly what I was looking for!

The app is called QuizUp. It is a real time trivia game that allows you to compete with other people that believe they are knowledgeable on certain subject matter and destroy them :). The game allows you to “level up” based on your demonstration of mastery over other real people all around the world . It will also rank you in comparison to the rest of the people playing in the state, the country, and universe.

Now this app isn’t just for computer geeks and technology enthusiasts. The topics are immense (nearly 1000 categories at the time of this posting including Game of Thrones!). However, I find the computer science categories one of the best out there. The app actually has some stimulating questions that can be pretty tough. You can also submit your own questions if you think you have some better that the app could use. Its fun to place against other people that are also passionate about technology and see how you stack up against people all around the world.

That being said, I definitely recommend you check it out and tell me what you think in the comments. What’s your favorite category? Also if you want to get your butt whooped by me in the computer science category you can add me as a friend and challenge me! My username is “Jason Roell” (boring I know). Hope you all like the app as much as I do!

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