12 Most Influential Books Every Software Engineer Needs to Read

The Curious Programmer

This is a question that I get a lot, especially from co-workers or friends that are just beginning their journey as a software craftsman.

What book should I read to become a better developer? Do I need to read books?

I think it’s a great question, and it is one that I asked many of my mentors as I was becoming a software engineer. The problem was that many people suggested different books on different topics. All the books they suggested were great in their own right, but no one was able to give me a list that would be the ESSENTIAL books, the MUST READS, that any engineer with hopes of being great should most certainly read.

Well, I’ve learned a lot from my mentors and realized that I still had a lot to learn with the many different books that were suggested to me. I decided to develop a routine…

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How do Computers See?

(This is part 3 in a series of posts on artificial intelligence and deep learning/neural networks. You can check out part 1 and part 2 if you haven't yet read them and are new to AI) There was a time when artificial intelligence was only home to our most creative imaginations. Yet, isn't that where... Continue Reading →

The AI Winter is Over. Here’s Why.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed Artificial Intelligence (AI) is popping up more and more in technology talks and business strategies. I’ve even noticed among my friends an increased interest in “cognifying” their applications. It's easy to see why. Everyone is aware of the autonomous car revolution, and, if you are in... Continue Reading →

RxJava: A Paradigm Shift

Grokking RxJava Disclaimer: RxJava is a beast. A beautiful beast, but a beast none the less. There is a lot to it and I can't cover it all in this post. I tried to use the Pareto Principle to cover the 20% that will give you 80% of what you really need to know. With... Continue Reading →

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