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The AI Winter is Over. Here’s Why.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed Artificial Intelligence (AI) is popping up more and more in technology talks and business strategies. I’ve even noticed among my friends an increased interest in “cognifying” their applications. It’s easy to see why. Everyone is aware of the autonomous car revolution, and, if you are in…

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RxJava: A Paradigm Shift

Grokking RxJava Disclaimer: RxJava is a beast. A beautiful beast, but a beast none the less. There is a lot to it and I can’t cover it all in this post. I tried to use the Pareto Principle to cover the 20% that will give you 80% of what you really need to know. With…

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What Makes A Great Teammate?

Throughout my career (and life) I’ve been on many different teams. Obviously, this implies that I’ve been a teammate to others and had many teammates of my own. I bring this up because yesterday I had an interaction with a current teammate of mine that made me think “Wow, what a great person to work with.”…

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Unit Testing. Is it Worth It?

SPOILER ALERT: Yes. Code without tests is such an old idea that in his book “Working Effectively with Legacy Code” (written in 2004!) Michael Feather defines “Legacy Code” as code that is not accompanied by unit tests. This should be common knowledge by now in the software community, but I still am running into developers…

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