What Makes A Great Teammate?

Throughout my career (and life) I've been on many different teams. Obviously, this implies that I've been a teammate to others and had many teammates of my own. I bring this up because yesterday I had an interaction with a current teammate of mine that made me think "Wow, what a great person to work with."... Continue Reading →

Unit Testing. Is it Worth It?

SPOILER ALERT: Yes. Code without tests is such an old idea that in his book "Working Effectively with Legacy Code" (written in 2004!) Michael Feather defines "Legacy Code" as code that is not accompanied by unit tests. This should be common knowledge by now in the software community, but I still am running into developers... Continue Reading →

How I Explained REST to My Wife

This is one of my all time favorite dialogs between a developer and his wife over a subject (HTTP and REST) that is the backbone of the web. The truth of the matter is that many professional developers have had the same questions the wife has asked. I think this dialog completely clears up the... Continue Reading →

Is Managed Code (.NET/Java) Slow?

Software applications are getting more and more complex and each platform for developing applications these days seems like its operating on a higher and higher level of abstraction to hide that complexity from the developer. In particular, when I say "a higher level of abstraction", I am talking about "managed languages". "Managed code" is a term coined by... Continue Reading →

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