Tips for Twenty-Year-Olds

Sadly, I am coming to the end of my twenties (I plan to be a centenarian so it’s okay).

I’ve learned more in my twenties than I ever thought would be possible. I am grateful for the people I have met and experiences I have had along the way. I don’t know where I would be without some of the advice I was given by those much wiser than me that shared invaluable tips that I should consider at my age. Building on their knowledge led me to make much better decisions and to start my career and life off on a good foot.

In that spirit, I want to help other people who are just beginning their journey into their twenties and try to give some tips that represent the most important lessons I learned in my twenties. I hope it helps you in the same way others have helped me!

Tips For Twenty-Somethings

Before you enter the “usual work-family cycle”, I would recommend you to experience unconventional areas of work/life (and hopefully find something you’d truly love to do). In your early twenties you probably have no dependents and this may be the only time in your life where you can experiment with minimal risk.

1. Make a strict budget and follow it! Save an emergency fund (say $10K) first and do not touch this money, unless you really really really need it.

2. Allocate some money in paying off your debt (if you have any) on a monthly basis. Do not take on any more debt for at least 2 years: education/credit card/car/home etc.

3. Read as much as you can. Watch a lot of documentaries/videos/ lectures/interviews/stories (on say YouTube).Do your own research and form your own opinions. Buying an e-reader may not be a bad investment. Add your local library to your list and get books loaded on your e-reader.

4. Try to have a fun but frugal lifestyle. There will be enough time in your life to shop and spend.

5. Try to find/expand your interests and invest in them. Travel, attend seminars/ conferences, make new friends, do some certifications, take up some courses…

6. Make friends as opposed to networking. Your friends will go a lot further than the professional contacts you make, especially since only one of the two groups is invested in your personal happiness.

7. Become an expert by learning as much as you can and deeply seeking out the things you are curious about. Find the things you enjoy and practice the skills you want to develop. If you can achieve expertise then it will be easy to obtain an audience.

8. Become as independent as possible. If you work at a big company, constantly make small steps to reduce your dependence on your job. Write a book, build an app, or start a small business on the side. Release your inner entrepreneur. Even if you fail, you’ll build skills.

9. Take Care Of Your Body. No matter what you do in your life, you will do it in your body. You cannot replace it, get a new one, or trade it in. This is your body and it is here to stay. It might not be the perfect body that you want, but this is the one you have. If you take care of it now – it will take care of you when you 60, 70 or 80 years old. The way to take care of your body is simple. Eat less junk and eat more healthy foods and exercise more. Take some time to read up on cardiovascular health and brain health. These will provide you with the biggest health benefits!

If you follow these 9 tips in your twenties you will be a successful, energetic, fun, and independent person that is ready to take on their 30’s!

See you all in 10 years with “Tips for Thirty-Somethings”!

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